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Specializing in Digital Marketing SEO SEM Web Design Social Media Marketing.  Jayson has been in marketing his entire adult life. He has either marketed himself or the products he was selling. He spent 6 years as a marketing director for an auto group. Before that he worked for a large software company, Liquid Motors, for 2 years learning the ins and outs of SEO and SEM and the importance of how to implement it for digital marketing.He has sat in every chair of an automobile dealership for 20 years between 5 dealerships. He finally decided to use that experience and take the leap to open Vise Marketing offering solutions to businesses for their marketing efforts. His firm will offer the following options: search engine optimization which helps businesses gain marketing share across all search engines, and search engine marketing offers instant gratification across all search engine platforms. If your buisnes is not particapating in the key areas of Digital Marketing SEO SEM Web Design Social Media Marketing. You are losing market share.

He also offers services in web design, microsites, and landing pages; this helps potential customers find you and have a great experience with connecting to your site. Additionally, he offers graphic design to help your vision come to life, and branding strategy tying all your digital marketing together to push your brand to the top of search engines.

Last but not least, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING is the fastest most effective marketing today. People spend almost 2 hours a day on some type of social media. If you are not using social media marketing and receiving customer information such as their name and phone number for your ads, you are missing out on a potential customer. Do not wait to start advertising on social media; it is here and here to stay. He did not reinvent the wheel; he just put a little grease on it.

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